What’s The Difference Between Sea Moss And Irish Moss?

Have you ever questioned what the difference between Sea Moss and Irish Moss was? Are they the same thing? To simply answer this question , no they are not the same. The names sea moss and Irish Moss are often mistaken for the same plant. But they are internally different plants that offer similar health benefits.

Sea Moss

Let’s start with Sea Moss. Sea moss is thicker and stick-like, similar to seaweed. The scientific name for sea moss is Genus Gracilaria. It can be found in tropical climates, such as the Caribbean , southern Asia , and southern Africa. Although the most popular colors for sea moss is purple and gold , it can be found in a variety of colors. Some other colors that you may see are blue and green but those are rare.

Irish Moss

The scientific name for Irish Moss is Chondrus crispus. It has fan like leaves and is a flat seaweed. Generally , Irish Moss is a dark , purple color. But sometimes the plant is bleached in the sun to get a more golden variety. Found in colder regions , like Europe, North America , Canada , and Peru.


As we have shared previously in other blogs, collagen is associated with the entire body. Including the health of the skin, joint, bone, and heart health. Both the Sea Moss and Irish Moss are rich in proteins that form collagen in the body as red algae. Regardless of whether you are taking Sea Moss or Irish Moss , they are both good sources of collagen.

Another similarity between Irish Moss and Sea Moss , is that there is a presence of anthocyanin in both. Anthocyanins responsible for the colors, red, purple, and blue, are in fruits and vegetables but also have health benefits. Anthocyanin can improve the brain's memory and prevent cancer. Aside from Irish Moss and Sea Moss , anthocyanin can be found in other fruits and vegetables such as purple cabbage, eggplant, and blueberries.

Irish Moss is harder to come by compared to Sea Moss, which is more abundant and accessible. Oftentimes, you will search Irish Moss but really you’d be getting results for Sea Moss. Although the benefits are the same, Irish Moss is seen as superior by many people. Even though that is not true.

Which one is Better?

To break it down simply, it does not matter which one you take. Although Irish Moss and Sea Moss are two different plants and grow in different regions, they share similar beneficial properties to those who consume them. It comes down to whichever is available and affordable for you.

Sometimes , people consume both , but more so the Genus Gracilaria (Sea Moss) because it is more accessible. Consuming one or the other will benefit your overall health but the choice is ultimately yours. 

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