How to do a Juice Cleanse Before, During and After

Why Juice Cleanse?

Our environment and our busy schedules can make it very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle balance and we find ourselves looking for a way to get back to feeling healthy and energetic.

Round 70% of your body’s energy is used to digest food. When we drink fresh juice from whole fruits and veggies rather than eat them, it gives our digestive system a break, and allows our bodies to easily absorb the flood of nutrients we are taking in. This break gives our body the time to focus on healing itself and flushing out stubborn toxins and waste.

Our bodies have the power to heal themselves, they just need to be given a chance to do so. If we are constantly taxing our body by feeding it unhealthy and processed foods, we are not giving it the the opportunity to keep us in optimal health. A purposeful juice cleanse can help transform your life in many different ways.

Fasting is an excellent way to lose weight and cleanse the body of toxins, but it is much more than that.

Its virtues have been extolled for centuries by nearly every religious practice as a way to connect to something higher and more significant than one’s self and the needs of the body. Fasting will make you feel lighter, happier, healthier, and more focused. The air will seem clearer, colors brighter, and sights and sounds sharper and more beautiful.

Fasting literally means to abstain from all or certain types of food and drink. It can mean a lot of different things such as fasting from sugar, alcohol, coffee, meat, or whatever else one chooses to give up. There are many types of fasts and methods of fasting.  The one I recommend is Liquified Juicery cleanses. 

Here are some ways you could benefit from doing a  juice cleanse:

  • Rid your body of toxins
  • Jump-start weight loss and healthy eating habits
  • Give your digestive system a rest
  • Rehydrate which improves energy and skin tone
  • Reduce chronic inflammation
  • Help with autoimmune diseases
  • Help determine food sensitivities
  • Increases energy and strength
  • Detoxifies cells and tissues
  • Assists in weight loss
  • Improves mental clarity
  • Restores alkaline balance
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps prevent disease
  • Tightens skin
  • Smooths wrinkles
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Lessons aches and pains
  • Revitalizes organ systems
  • Rests the gastrointestinal system
  • Balances the nervous system
  • Increases ease of movement
  • Helps the lungs breath more deeply

A juice cleanse is a great way to break back into healthy eating habits, but it is also important to consider your motives for wanting the benefits from your cleanse.

Ask yourself why you want to achieve those benefits. What will attaining it mean for you? How will it impact your life? Having a clear vision of  your goal will make it easier to remind yourself of why you are doing it and press on in moments of weakness.

Pre-Cleanse Instructions

Unless you are doing a one-day  juice cleanse, you will want to prepare your body.

If you are doing 5 day or more juice cleanse, you will want to consider the recommendations below. Jumping right into the cleanse after maintaining an unhealthy diet, also known as SAD (standard American diet), could cause you to feel quite sick from the detox side effects and not want to continue or even attempt it again.

The week before:

  1. Transition unhealthy meals and junk food out of your diet and replace them with more raw organic vegetables and fruit making about 75 to 80 percent of your diet raw and whole foods. Be wary of foods marketed as health foods. If they are marketing it as such, it probably isn’t. 
  2. Eat smaller portions than usual, eating only enough to satisfy your hunger.
  3. Incorporate regular, non-strenuous exercise into your routine.
  4. Make sure you are drinking enough clean water, which is key to flushing out toxins.

Tips for an Effective Cleanse


Warm lemon water is my best friend during a juice cleanse. It’s an incredible liver stimulant and it helps begin the cleansing process before you even take a sip of that first juice.

Once getting into the habit of it during your cleanse, you might find that it is something that you want to continue to do post-cleanse, like I did.  In addition to drinking your allotment of water, you can also include herbal tea into your cleanse plan.


  1. We only make organic juice.
    We choose organic vegetables, herbs, roots and fruits. Studies have shown that aside from fewer pesticide residues, there are other good reasons to choose organic, including the fact that organic produce has 20-40% higher levels of antioxidants and contains about 50% less of cadmium, a toxic heavy metal. I personally think organic even tastes better.


Aim to drink a juice every 2 to 2.5 hours. 6 to 8 juices a day might sound like a lot, but if you space your juices out over 12 hours, your body will thank you.

Skipping juices will likely leave you feeling hungry and can result in a drop in your blood sugar, which can leave you feeling lethargic and maybe even give you a headache. 


This probably sounds crazy since juicing is all about cleaning you internally, but dry brushing your skin daily during your cleanse will help get rid of dead skin and open your pores for the elimination process.


Your energy levels can change and be a bit unpredictable during a cleanse so you may want to limit yourself to light exercise like walks, yoga, and stretching. I try to at least break a sweat. Studies show that the body rids itself of heavy metals and other toxins in its sweat. 
If you feel too weak, then go easy. If you feel good and full of energy, then ramp it up!


Allow your body and mind to relax. Meditate every day or begin a journal where you can write about your day and how you’re feeling. Get plenty of rest and take naps if possible 🙂

Breaking the Cleanse

End your cleanse when you feel the time is right. After you finish your cleanse, celebrate what you’ve accomplished. Every day that you juiced, you nourished your body with around 20 pounds of nutrients. That’s something to applaud yourself for!

Now is a great time to think about how you want to incorporate what you’ve learned into your daily regimen. Maybe you will want to swap one meal a day with vegetable juice? or maybe two?

During my last cleanse I found that my sleep was so deep and I felt so rested during the day that I knew I needed to make sure that my body no longer has to stay up all night working hard to digest my last meal. Now I drink my last meal of the day, or if I do eat,  I eat light and at least 3.5 to 4 hours before I go to bed. I cannot tell you how much this has increased my energy! Every time I want to deviate from this new strategy, I think about my body not being able to spend those eight hours repairing itself, preventing cancer, and making me more vibrant.

The day after your cleanse you’re going to want to ease into solid foods. I have found one of the best ways to come off a cleanse is to drink smoothies and eat small pieces of juicy, watery fruit.  Some people recommended to wait at least 3 days before you start adding proteins (organic meat) and whole-wheat grains, but again, listen to your body and monitor how you feel.

In the days following a cleanse, you have the opportunity to identify any food sensitivities. If you suspect you are allergic to something, systematically add it to your diet and see if it’s a trigger for you.

I like doing  juice cleanses not only to periodically deep clean, but to really focus on myself and check in with my body to make sure I’m understanding what it needs. I encourage you to try a juice cleanse, and while they may seem difficult at first, if you stick to it, you won’t believe how amazing you will feel!


 Please reach out to us if you have any questions and are interested in trying our juice cleanses 

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