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Differences Between Types of Juicers and Why We Only Use The Best Cold Pressed Juicer

INFORMATION POST 📣Hey everyone, we’ve noticed not enough people understand the difference between “Cold Pressed juices” and other juices on the market. So let’s talk about the quality difference between an actual cold pressed juicer machine and other juicers. -This will be a series of posts. -

  • This is something that is VERY important when choosing what type of juice you should consume. 

‼️Beware, many businesses claim to be cold pressed but are actually not using cold pressed machines.

How Do Centrifugal Juicers Work?
The most popular home juicer due to its cheap price, centrifugal juicers shred fruits and vegetables at 6,000-14,000 rotations per minute (RPM). No wonder they’re also known as fast juicers.

Produce is fed through a tube until it makes direct contact with the fast-spinning blade. The resulting juice is thrown at high speed towards the sides of the machine by the centrifugal force of a spinning basket. From there, it’s pushed through a sharp screen into a jug or glass.
The is one of the worst kinds of juicers because of the speed it heats up the produce which causes the ingredients to lose quality and benefits. Also due to the oxidization of this juicing process this will cause the juice to lose the vitamins/nutrients, bright color and taste very quickly.

This is why here at @liquifiedjuicery we ONLY use the best highest quality Cold Pressed Juicer on the market! The Good Nature Cold Press which uses 1500 pounds of pressure to press the ingredients. From there we bottle and deliver to you. 🌱We pride ourselves on using the best machine, the best quality ingredients, & glass bottles to reduce waste. While sharing knowledge for you to learn about Cold Pressed Juices along with the healing benefits.

How Do Masticating Juicers Work? (AKA Slow Juicers)
The way masticating juicers function is, in some ways, very similar (albeit slower) to that of centrifugal juicers, and their downsides are similar.
Produce is crushed by a single auger (gear) at a slow speed of 80-100 RPM. The crushed produce is then pushed through a sharp screen into a jug or glass, resulting in a greater juice yield than a centrifugal.
There are many big downsides to juice made with masticating juicers. The resulting juice tends to be very pulpy and foamy with a thick and chunky mouth feel – it’s not pleasant, especially when juicing leafy greens (like kale). Also, the product can be bitter to the taste. The amount of time you have before the juice loses its nutrients is very short. Within a few hours juices made with this machine will lose valuable vitamins and minerals. When using this type of machine oxidization occurs and causes the juices to lose their benefits, along with the bright color and taste which creates a more low quality juice.


How Do Twin Gear Juicers Work?
As the name suggests, twin gear juicers use two gears (augers).

The augers spin and pull the produce in, chewing it up. Then, the augers extract juice by pushing the chewed up produce through a sharp screen.

Like centrifugal- and masticating-made juice, however, juice made by twin gear juicers contains a lot of solid plant matter. Up to 30% of your juiced produce will be chunky stuff like skin, seeds, and stems.


Masticating, centrifugal, and twin gear juicers all have one (not so good) thing in common.

They all extract juice by forcing the plants against a sharp screen, which leads to suboptimal results.

What’s more, many brands of screen juice extractors market themselves as cold-pressed, but they don’t actually contain a press at all! Companies likely do this because they know the best juicer type is a true cold press machine (one that actually contains a press), and they want to reap the benefits of marketing their juicers as such (even if it’s really not).


✅The Cold Pressed machine we use is the Good Nature Pro
If you are unfamiliar this is the highest quality Cold Pressed juicer on the market. We are the only company in the Bay Area to use this! 🌱
Our customers and quality in everything we do is our number one priority! ✅


How Do Cold Press Juicer Machines Work?
Juicers that use hydraulic or pneumatic press technology are the best type of juicers you can buy. These are what most juice bars use to make super high-quality juice for their customers.

There are two stages to the juicing process of cold press machines:

After being dropped into the juicer, the produce is chopped into the consistency of a chunky salsa by a stainless steel spinning blade.
Juice is extracted from the chunky produce by pressing it under thousands of pounds of pressure.*
*During stage 2, any resulting pulp or chunks are filtered with the press bag. This ensures that the resulting juice is super smooth and very pleasant to drink. When using a cold pressed machine you are keeping all the nutrients in tact for optimal vitamin absorption! The juice last much longer with the quality staying in tact than other juicers on the market.

The only real downside of a juice press machine is the price tag. Put simply, juice presses are expensive kitchen appliances meant for juice businesses, restaurants, who want the very best-testing and healthiest juice.

But you get what you pay for. Not only is the juice yield typically higher with cold press machines, the juice contains MORE VITAMINS AND NUTRIENTS! The best juicer option is (by far) a cold press juicer.

Ready to start your healthy journey with us? You can place order online here or email us at Liquifiedjuicery@gmail.com for help with choosing the right products for you, your family and friends.






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